Do we take credit cards at the box office?

Yes, we take cash and all major credit cards.

Will I be touched in the attraction?

Yes.  You won't be harmed or grabbed, but you will definitely be touched. 

Is it REALLY scary?

We think so.  And a fair amount of people who run out in tears will tell you the same.  We recommend that you try the other haunted attractions in Oklahoma and then come to The Hex House and compare.... then tell us what you think!

How long does it take to go through The Hex House?

It depends on how scared you get and how you react when you're scared (some people run, some people shrink back in fear).  It can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 30 minutes on average.  This does not include how long it takes to wait in line though... the lines can be long on busy nights and the wait time can be long as well (but, you can always buy a Fast Pass and skip the wait).  If you hate lines and don't want to buy a Fast Pass, try visiting on a Wednesday night (check our calendar first because we're only open on select wednesdays) or early in the season when we're not as crowded

Is The Hex House affiliated with a church (like The Nightmare & GUTS Church)?

No.  The Hex House is not affiliated with any religious organizations.  Our only intent is to scare you and have a fun Halloween season.

How do I/we work for The Hex House?

We have actor tryouts each year during the first week of September (sometimes the end of August).  We will post information regarding the tryouts on facebook, as well as craigslist, and we'll post some flyers around town.  You're welcome to email us as well:  tulsahexhouse@gmail.com and we'll email you when the tryouts are scheduled.

Is The Hex House all ages?

Yes and No... We recommend the attraction for those who are 13 and older.  No one under 13 can be admitted without a parent, but we leave it to the parent's discretion as to whether or not they want to take a child through the attraction.  So in that sense, technically we are an all ages attraction, BUT we strongly recommend that you do not bring children under the age of 13 through the attraction.  This attraction was designed for adults and we don't water it down or take mercy on anyone.  An easy gauge would be to ask yourself if you're cool with your child watching an R-Rated horror movie... If the answer is yes, and you want to bring your child through the attraction, then we aren't going to stop you (but we might laugh when your child leaves in tears and never wants to attend another haunted house ever).

Can we go through the Hex House in costume on Halloween night?

This is a touchy subject with haunted houses.  On one hand, we obviously like Halloween and want you to have fun and celebrate it in costume.  On the other hand, it's really dark in our attraction and it's hard to tell what's what and who's who if everyone is dressed up (especially if you happen to have a costume similar to what our actors wear).  We have plenty of night-vision security cameras that help to clarify things, but we have to draw a line somewhere and the line is here:  If you want to dress up as Little Bo-Peep or The Mario Bros. or something like that (something that has nothing to do whatsoever with the theme of a haunted house), then be our guest and have fun and enjoy visiting our attraction while in costume.  If you are dressing up as a gory zombie or wearing a professional horror costume, then please visit our attraction on another night when you're not in costume.